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Border Situations West Africa, CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19

Dear colleagues, clients, friends,

Situations are changing rapidly across the world and Africa, although less affected thus far, is not immune to the ongoing Pandemic. Their Governments are working with their advisors and with the World Health Organization (WHO) advisors to prevent the spread as much as possible. As with other parts of the World, this means measures being taken are often at very little notice.

I want to try and keep this succinct, but we do advise that for specifics of any country at any time please check with the country concerned (and be aware that even information received may change before action can be taken).

- Many countries have already stopped international flights to and from their countries. Additionally, many
  International Airlines are cancelling their flights at  short notice also.
- Many countries are also closing their land borders to personnel travel (usually with a proviso that those cleared to transport critical supplies are excepted).
      o Access to travel in/out of a West African country may not be possible in many locations from midnight
         22 March 2020.
      o Entry into any country will be subject to additional mandatory health screening checks.
      o Some countries will require quarantine procedures to be followed, typically with official guards/security
         forces monitoring.
      o Many border controls officers’ discretions will no longer exist. Any discretion exercised at the border
         may more likely be a discretion to refuse passing.
      o Ability to supply external support and materials may not be possible or may be restricted due to lack of
         available transport. Transports will be expected to prioritise food and medical and other government
         deemed critical supplies.
- These are extraordinary measure implementations and there will not be a given right to appeal. In many
   instances, there may not even be a process or route to make an appeal.
- Health controls at arriving vessels are changing. This is a new ongoing development so we have no
   clear common controls, but they can include mandatory quarantining of vessels before processing
   if the vessel has come from specific countries. This is an area we will continue to monitor closely.

We are all aware that the situation is changing constantly, therefore please regularly check for updated advice from relevant governments and the WHO. Please also feel free to contact our local offices with any enquiries you may have about a specific situation.

Whilst wishing that everyone remains safe and well, our Company Offices are currently continuing to work with heightened health and hygiene controls, and we will facilitate performance of our duties in accordance with facilities and regulations in place.

Sincerely yours
Steven Robinson, Managing Director
Q & Q Control Services


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