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Letter from our Managing Director

Dear colleagues and friends,

The world is currently in a pandemic situation unprecedented in measure of times past. Covid-19 (a novel Coronavirus strain) is a new and currently untreatable virus spreading rapidly around the world. It is a world that is more socially active and interconnected that ever before, and therefore all global medical experts, advisory and government teams are challenged to advise and look after us in an ever developing and challenging new situation.

I want to advise each and every one of you that we strongly recommend following official government advice and regulations/requests applicable in each of your countries for your benefit, the benefit of your families and others. I will post some UK links at the end of this message, but I advise you to look into the advice being issued by your local government jurisdictions and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Please be aware that the situation is one where situation and knowledge are changing constantly, therefore please regularly check for updated advice from your government and the WHO.

Vigilance to good hygiene and isolation requirements are essentially for slowing the spread and restricting the infections.

It is very important to avoid unsolicited social media narratives of remedies and controls and for us all to maintain close adherence to sourcing good government-based guidance. Deliberate false or other social media guidance (no matter how well intended) may cause inadvertent trust in something that is of no practical benefit or may cause additional unnecessary risk.

Please read the full 5-page letter :- 


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